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    CCIT Attended the 2nd Meeting of South Africa-China Exchange Mechanism


    We were Invited toAttend the 2nd Meeting ofSouth Africa-China High-Level People-to-People Exchange Mechanism

    On Dec.3rd, The 2nd meeting of South Africa-China High-Level People-to-People Exchange Mechanism was held in Beijing. The meeting was co-presided by Sun Chunlan, who is the Vice Premier of State Council of China and the Chinese Chairman of South Africa-China People-to-People Exchange Mechanism, and Nathi Mthethwa, who is the Minister of Arts and Culture of South Africa and theSouth AfricanChairman of the Mechanism.Our president, Mr.Zhou Yong, was invited to attend the meeting as the only representative of Chinese higher vocational colleges.

    Sun Chunlan said, it has been more than one year since the South Africa-China high-level people-to-people exchange mechanism initiated; during this period, based on the 20th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic ties between the two countries, the two parties have conducted fruitful cooperation in various fields to make a“good start” and inject new energy into the development of bilateral relations. Sun Chunlan emphasized, now the South Africa-China relations are getting to a new milestone, the two sides should implement the important achievements of the two heads visiting each other, tighten the ties of people-to-people exchanges, to make it benefit the common people more and better,and to work together to usher in a new era of South Africa-China friendship.

    At the same time of the meeting, a picture exhibition of South Africa-China people-to-people exchange accomplishments was held, which made a concentrated presentation of the achievements made by both parties during the past year in exchange and cooperation in the field of education, technology, culture, health, the youth, women, sports, think tank, media, and tourism since the 1st meeting of South Africa-China High-Level People-to-People Exchange Mechanism was held on Apr.24, 2017. Under the guidance of Sino-Foreign Culture Exchange Center of the Ministry of Education, our college hosted Sino-South Africa Vocational Education Cooperation·Technical Skills Training Consultation on Jan.30, 2018, on which, 58 organizations from China and South Africa signed the Founding Declaration for the Sino-South Africa Vocational Education Cooperation Alliance. This program was showed on the exhibition as the representative achievement of education, gaining high attention from the participating leaders and guests.

    In recent years, our college has been brave to take responsibility in higher vocational education, uniting with local enterprises to respond the national initiative of“One Belt, One Road”, taking the“Sino-South Africa Vocational Education Cooperation Alliance” as belt,“CCIT-South Africa Bozhon College” as base,“Sino-South Africa Industrial Cooperation and Vocational Education Research Center” as think tank, keeping widening the area of education cooperation between China and South Africa to promote international cooperation and communication among vocational colleges develop in depth.

    It’s known that building the South Africa-China High-Level People-to-People Exchange Mechanism is the strategic decision made by Chairman Xi Jinping and South Africa President based on the overall situation of Sino-South Africa relations. It’s an important action to implement the outcomes of the Johannesburg summit on Sino-Africa Cooperation, it’s also the 1st high-level people-to-people exchange mechanism between governments. It’ll have a significant and profound influence on strengthening Sino-South Africa relations, deepening Sino-Africa cooperation and promoting cooperation among South African organizations.

    ( Article by Yang Hongyan, Pictures by Zhu Min, Edited by Huang Lijuan).