Research Center for Sino-South Africa Industrial Cooperation and Vocational Education

    Communication Meeting Held for the Research Project


    A Communication Meeting was Held Among Researchers of the Project“Sino-South Africa Industrial Connection and Cooperation Opportunities under the Conception of“South Africa Industry Development” and“One Belt, One Road”

    On November 15th, CCIT held a communication meeting among members of theresearchproject“Sino-South Africa Industrial Connection and Cooperation Opportunities under the conception of “South Africa Industry development” and“One Belt, One Road”. Mr.Hu Hanhui, who is the principal of the project, professor of SouthEast University and doctoral supervisor, and part-time professor of CCIT by flexible introduction, had a deep and though discussion for the research project with the members.

    At the meeting, professorHuHanhuilaid out the research content, method and degree of the project in detail. From the corner of the higher education popularization trend and internationalization, he fully affirmed the significance of the project for choosing South Africa as impetus for the research. He pointed out the focus of the project should lie in industry and education, with studying the local vocational education as core task, promoting South Africa industrial development to lead to development of the local society by cultivating the local personnel as approach. Doctor Ji Min emphasized on how to connect the two ends effectively by cluster to realize the interaction between industry cluster and education cluster. Project members from CCIT put up a lot of questions for further discussion with Professor Hu Hanhui and Dr.Ji Min.

    This warm discussion held by CCIT Higher Vocational Education Research Institute will help the project thoroughly develop and enhance research ability for CCIT teachers. Since this time, there’ll be a monthly communication meeting for this project.

    In order to respond to the national "One Belt, One Road" initiative and achieve the goal to construct a higher vocational college of being "first-class at home and internationalized abroad", CCIT established Sino-South Africa Industrial Cooperation and Vocational Education Research Center in June, 2018, with the support from the Foreign and Chinese Communication Center of the Ministry of Education. At present, 4 entrusted projects have been set up in our Research Center, all are in progress in order.(Reported by Zhao Chenhui, Zhou Haiying)

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