Research Center for Sino-South Africa Industrial Cooperation and Vocational Education

    President Zhou Yong Attended “Sino-South Africa Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum”


    The “Sino-South Africa Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum” was held in Jin Hua city from July 15th to July 16th, co-hosted by Zhejiang Normal University, Jin Hua Municipal Government, University of the Western Cape and University of Johannesburg.

    During the discussion session of the “Sino-South Africa Cooperation and Undergraduates Innovation&Entrepreneurship” on the afternoon of 15th, President Zhou Yong delivered a keynote speech with the theme of “ Work together for Win-Win Cooperation---Initial Exploration of CCIT&RSA Vocational Education” . Based on the 3 themes of “Possibility-Good cooperative basis”, “Feasibility-Current needs for cooperation” and “Implementation-Initial exploration of CCIT”, President Zhou Yong expounded the booming development of China vocational colleges and the responsibility to “Walk out” for those high-level vocational colleges; he also set forth the foundation of running the international education&communication of CCIT and the severe shortage of appropriate personnel. Besides, he further introduced our exploration and practice in CCIT-South Africa Bozhon College, Sino-South Africa Vocational Education Cooperation Union, Sino-South Africa Industrial Cooperation and Vocational Education Research Center under the guidance of Sino-Foreign Culture Exchange Center of Ministry of Education. Our pioneering implementation in the filed of Sino-South Africa vocational education cooperation have enjoyed utmost attention and concern and been highly approved by the participating leaders and experts on the forum.

    To gather extensive intelligence and power for further promoting the reform and development of enterprise education, the Forum held a launching ceremony of China-South Africa undergraduates entrepreneurship education Alliance. “China-South Africa undergraduates entrepreneurship education Alliance” was co-started by Beijing Culture and Language University, University of International Business and Economics, Wuhan University, Zhongshan University, Zhejiang Normal University, Zhejiang A&F University, Wenzhou Medical College, Changzhou College of Information Technology from China, and University of Stellenbosch, University of Johannesburg, University of the Western Cape, and Central University of Technology from South Africa. The establishment of the Alliance is aiming for boosting mass entrepreneurship and innovation; and making positive contributions to the practice of “innovation promoting development” strategy and promotion of Sino-South Africa youth culture communication. Among the alliance members, CCIT is the only high vocational college.

    All of the 52 2nd batch overseas students attended the forum and all the activities. They also had a nice interview by the Ambassador of South Africa in China Ms. Deboa Balatseng.

    It’s the 20th year of Sino-RSA diplomatic relations this year. The two countries will hold the 2nd Meeting of Sino-South Africa high level culture communication mechanism at the second half of the year after the 1stmeeting in 2017. The Forum is an important supporting activity under the frame of the mechanism. The 2-day Forum took “Gathering the intelligence from China and South Africa for sharing innovation and entrepreneurship” as the theme, carrying out a series of discussion on the issues of innovation&entrepreneurship education and experience sharing from Chinese and South African entrepreneurs, and organizing “Perception of Jinhua” theme activities.

    (Text&pictures by Zhu Min)